The tragedy of being a whole hearter

This one’s for the kids who gets stepped around,

At school, college, and even working grounds,

People take advantage of you being chill, thats so profound,

Really do they not think that people grew up with different backgrounds?

Some calls it being too nice,

Somewhat like not having a price,

But really may I preach a little advice?

Listen and adjust your optical device.

Science believe that humanity makes us humans,

However sadly, it appears to be an amusement,

Common knowledge isn’t common, that’s why we have these big institutions,

A place where we are taught to seek future through money and many revolutions.

Someone told me in order to give, an empty paycheck is needed,

Not only money, but happiness, time, and energy, these things pleaded.

That’s hard for someone like me who didn’t really care to begin with,

When I want to make someone happy, what’s mine is theirs, well it’s not always fair to compare with.

Sometimes I give a little more than I have or can,

Hoping that it might expand a little of what I have in my lifespan,

Well it’s not just that, I also have this principle that I hold in my hand,

That being kind is a must, and it might never go to plan.

So listen, this whole heartedly thing, do you consider a curse or a gift?

Of course with different people and environment the answer may very,

But remember, that everything is quite rather the contrary.

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