‪I like a man with ambitions,
desires goals, with burning passion.

I like a man who cherishes wisdom,
flamming curiosity, and a clear vision.

I like a man with high perception,
sensitive to words, and also situations.

I like a man who values commitment, not just not cheating, but also administering.

I like a man who listens, not just to my jokes, but also my bickerings.

I like a man who settles, not because he feels that he has to, but that he wants to be better.

I like a man who occasionally succumbs, one that does not feel ill when their lover wants more than buns.

I like a man who sticks up, disregard shame and mockery, and lifts up.

Women will always be soft and gentle, and this is not a sexism state.

But I do believe that whatever the outer, the inner hides some part of slate.

“Boys will be boys, and girls will be girls.”

A form of mockery which for some reason is a good weapon of the scholarly.

Boys should be this they say, and girls should be this.

Well okay then, but what if they’re gay, say would you just diss?

I guess joking about it is fun at times, and heck I even make some lines.

But real talk, is it not the truth that hides behind, those ugly comments that we shine?

I like a man like that, does not mean I see all men should be like that.

A preference is nothing of a stereotype.
A preference is nothing of a postulate.
A preference is nothing but a mere hope.
A preference is nothing but a category.
A preference is nothing but efficiency.

Less arguments, less fuss.

In the end however preferences always give in to feelings.

In the end however judgements are tainted to screamings. (of joy)

In the end however humans are more than simple dwellings.


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