I asked God the other day,

was it wrong for me to feel this way?

I never was religious enough to pray,

But is all this happiness okay?

I keep thinking I’m stuck in a vertex,

where everything appear all at once in a different context.

But in this line I have found an intersect,

that made me realize that owning is not just for objects.

Home is whatever you make it to be,

so am I allowed to say that I wanted three?

One is for faith, that I can call my own,

Two is for love that I kept so dearly

Three is for family that I struggle to be,

but in all those three I still want to be free.

I want to have air that aren’t bounded by restrains,

I want to have ears that aren’t plugged by manipulations,

I want to be able to see without censors in my view,

and most of all,  I wanted to flee.

Some things in life I can see the art of it,

and I swear to God I will never get tired of it.

Loving a person who seems to love you back and never wanting to split.

If I said I hated life I would be such a hypocrite.

But sadly some things in life I cannot endure,

Some things that sadly I haven’t been able to make sure,

What if happiness is always temporary?

What if it hurts?

What if people’s words get too much in your way?

What if it blurts?

I hope that for once everything can pause,

I’m tired of adapting to these different clause.

Don’t make promises if you don’t know what’s there waiting,

don’t think in my mind that I’m not struggling.

I just don’t want to keep believing,

unless I got myself a sure thing.

It’s all complications that are unnecessary,

but in the same time it’s rather the contrary.

Once again I pray to God,

I’m tired of being called afault.

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