One Of Them

“Doing whatever you want to do is pretty much Satanism.” He said while we are on our way to our home.

I looked at him, trying to find those sparks in his eyes. It peaks my interest when he said those things. Also, I do wonder what makes him say that.

“That’s what Satan wants us to do. Like when God told us not to eat the forbidden fruit, but then with our free will we do it anyway, and then look at us.”

I looked back at the road. Pondering and trying to process these thoughts I have in my mind.

“And I’m pretty much done being one of them. I used to be one and people are scared of me, and I don’t like it.”

“But I’m not scared of you.”

He glanced at me for a while then focusing his eyes back on the road. I saw his smirk at the corner of his mouth.

“Thank you.”

I saw the moon tonight. It was so bright.

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