Blind loyalty, and blind hatred,

Two sides of magnets, yet connected.

Blindly deceiving, yet blindly  achieving,

Two different box, and slightly conflicting.

Loyalty is a dangerous trait for a human being,

It changes, manipulates, and changes the way of seeing.

Yet hatred is the runner up of our well being,

It destroys, kills, and dictates our sense of thinking.

Being blind means that you can’t see,

wether that is literal or just a way of saying you’re too carefree.

Being apathetic is the synonym here actually,

but hey that’s a whole lot different category.

Open your eyes, your soul, and take my advice.

there’s no blindly as an adjective, it’s not a compromise.

There are just hard heads and empty souls,

stop keeping up with those stupid  fouls.

Mask off, heads up, wipe away that scrawny tears in your eyes,

I don’t wanna see people coming up to me and saying they don’t know anything about these lies,

saying they’re hypnotized and blaming the other guy off all the shit that they’ve baptize.

So stop, please use your third eye,

detect the truth and neglect the lie,

it may be hard but really it’s better to try,

than letting those things consume you and leave you to die.

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