It’s okay to cry they say, as they stare at you in the most disturbing way.

It’s funny how they think they know, when all they ever felt was a lil blow.

It’s indifferent to say I’m sorry, when all they want to do is play,

But never was it a good story, to mess around beneath the gray.

Gray is the color of confusion, everything you could think of is out there,

But here I’m getting illusions, whenever I’m without you, that’s a nightmare.

I want to always wake up beside you, cherishing and showering you with kisses,

But darling loving you is so brand new, you probably think it’s impossible to blisses.

I hate it when you lie, or when you less prioritize me,

I hate it when you left, leaving me feeling so unworthy,

I hate it when you talk, as if nothing lasts or is worth settling for,

But I hate it even more when I’m mad or upset, you feel the need to ignore.

Everything seems so temporary to you, It’s sad to see someone like that,

I really hope I could be the one, to help you change that.

So take down your walls, I don’t want to be your wrecking ball,

But instead show me your flaws, and I promise I’d take care of all.

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