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One thing that really bugs me out Is the fact that I haven’t figure everything’s out When I see everyone out of my place It seems like they have everything in their place I’m not even sure what to expect anymore The fact that I’m a mature person And I know how a mature person …

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Mata Tertutup

Kau dan aku sama sama tahu Ribuan pesan itu, puluhan panggilan video itu, kumpulan gambar itu Adalah saksi bisu betapa aku menginginkan kita untuk bersatu Meski pada akhirnya aku harus menerima Bahwa betapapun aku berusaha, aku tahu kita tidak dapat bersama Namun aku merasakan perasaan nyata Senyata mereka yang saling bersua Namun kau harus tahu …

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Love Letter

I look out the window, and the rain still pours, Reminds me of gloomy sundays, where I miss the touch of yours. I don’t know where you are, or who you’ve been with.I just know that I miss you and loving you was not a myth. Craving your kisses and your sweet words of love,I can’t believe I’m a sucker for all of the above. The rain mocks me, and the weather enjoys,Telling me that I’m a fool and a sucker for making noise. I’m not suppose to miss you, I’ve heard that before, but what if loving you is something that I can’t ignore? I don’t know if it’s love, or lust that I’m feeling,All I know is this rain is commandin me to get sexual healing.


I have a friend, her name is depression, She doesn’t say much, but she gives me oppresion. Our daily talks involve love and wisdom, but it’s just my luck, that I fail to use them. I hate her so much, she won’t leave me alone,but I also love her, I don’t want her gone. She’s there when I’m all alone, and comforts my needs,but she’s always the reason that I’m crying on my knees. I want this to stop, I can’t keep this up,but she keeps on saying, “I’ll stop fucking up” I’m a sucker for empathy, and wise choices too,but I’m sure and most likely done with loving you.


It’s okay to cry they say, as they stare at you in the most disturbing way. It’s funny how they think they know, when all they ever felt was a lil blow. It’s indifferent to say I’m sorry, when all they want to do is play, But never was it a good story, to mess …

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I asked God the other day, was it wrong for me to feel this way? I never was religious enough to pray, But is all this happiness okay? I keep thinking I’m stuck in a vertex, where everything appear all at once in a different context. But in this line I have found an intersect, …

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Blind loyalty, and blind hatred, Two sides of magnets, yet connected. Blindly deceiving, yet blindly  achieving, Two different box, and slightly conflicting. Loyalty is a dangerous trait for a human being, It changes, manipulates, and changes the way of seeing. Yet hatred is the runner up of our well being, It destroys, kills, and dictates …

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‪I like a man with ambitions,desires goals, with burning passion. I like a man who cherishes wisdom,flamming curiosity, and a clear vision. I like a man with high perception,sensitive to words, and also situations. I like a man who values commitment, not just not cheating, but also administering. I like a man who listens, not …

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